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Stories from the Heart of God

As Channeled by Don and Norma Menhennett

This website is dedicated to Don Menhennett and his unfaltering belief that the messages imparted in this and subsequent pages are from Spirit and have been given to him and wife Norma and must be told and shared with all people for the good of humanity.


A spiritual Man
Don Menhennett
Western Australian Police Inspector (Deceased)
30-9-1932 to 11-1-2012
On my 70th birthday, I was woken up a little later than my usual time of 2am and at about 3.35am I was told to go downstairs and write. After a long talk, the words that poured from the biro were not of me but of the God energy Jesus.

Initially five pages were (hand) written and then each night I would recommence until 32 pages were written in love and encouragement.

Thank you Father.

The Secret :

The Secret is a channeled conversation with Jesus Christ which addresses the tough questions about why we are here, dying, Hell, re-incarnation, karma, the soul,Humanity, where we go when we die, the Soul, and more. Read The Secret

Messages from God :

Messages from God are a collection of messages channeled from God, Jesus Christ, Krion, Yagananda, Michael of the Sword and others. They are messages of Love, Learning, Light and Truth and warnings of things to come.
The messages are shared in the hope that people of this world will find an answer to their question and provide them strength in their daily struggles

Most are channeled by Don and Norma but some pertinent excerpts from enlightened authors have been included Messages From God

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